Professional Art Education – Registration for Summer Semester – May 25, 2013


The ICAA hosted its Summer Registration Event on May 25th, 2013 for students who were interested in registering for the Professional Art Program’s summer semester. The ICAA officially announced the funds received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to support the organization’s work to immigrant culture and art as well as its commitment to making professional art instruction and mentorship available to newcomers, immigrants, low income artists in Hamilton. The Ontario Trillium Foundation has committed a total of $ 62,800 over three years to increase supports for newcomer artists and youth by funding the executive director role that would also develop programs and strengthen the capacity and sustainability of this organization. The ICAA also secured support and sponsorship from the Maria Luisa de Moreno – International Foundation.

Over 50 participants attended the event, 12 of whom were new registrants for the spring semester. These additional registrants have brought the total number of registrants for the spring semester’s performing and visual art classes to 57 students. The participants enjoyed two performances by 5 performers who specialized in the South Asian Barata Nakia dance and Salsa. The last day to register for the summer semester is June 15th.


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