About Us

Mission Statement

The ICAA is a not-for-profit organization which joins efforts and expertise with other community partners to provide programs and services targeted at introducing, promoting and preserving the cultural and artistic expressions, experiences and abilities of immigrants to enrich Canadian society.


The ICAA envisions a Canada that recognizes and values the culture, art, and contributions of immigrant artists, cultural workers, their organizations, and communities towards enhancing the quality of life of Canadians.

Organization Mandate

The ICAA strives to make a positive difference in the lives of newcomer and low-income artists in the Hamilton area by:

  • Engaging artists in activities, workshops and projects
  • Introducing artists to the logistics of curating exhibitions and marketing their art work
  • Carrying out workshops and information sessions for community members which promote diversity and multiculturalism to achieve mutual respect, artistic inclusion and harmonious relations
  • Support newcomers and immigrants in exercising their traditional culture, art, customs, celebrations and festivals
  • Introduce newcomers, immigrants and low income artists to mediums which will support them in benefiting financially from their artistic craft
  • Organize art exhibitions, musical recitals, craft shows and art markets