Board of Directors

The ICAA’s Board of Directors brings together experiences and expertise from across sectors to promote, advocate for and represent the ICAA within the community. Members consist of accomplished professionals and prominent community leaders which include artists, professionals from the private business sector, foreign trained cultural workers, professors, doctors and more.

Members of the ICAA’s Board of Directors are also committed individuals who give back to their communities by volunteering their time, resources and knowledge and using their lived experiences to represent ICAA among the broader community.

The ICAA’s valued members of the Board of Directors include:


Ruby Sarmiento Amog – President

Nithy Ananth – Treasurer- Vice President

Sufyan Alqaysi– Board Member

Marufa Shinwari – Executive Director

The ICAA’s governing council is also comprised of an Advisory Council which the Board of Directors consults with. Valued members of the Advisory Council include:

Yar M. Taraky – Founder of the ICAA and Hamilton based artist.

Maaz Mahmood – ICAA IT and Social Media

Lamyaa Al-Qadhi – Program Coordinator