Art Education Program

This program began in 2007 and continues to engage newcomer and local students in gaining technical artistic skills and the
fundamentals of art. This program provides two semesters of art education every year which focus on elements of design in disciplines such as:

  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Sculpting and pottery
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Wood burning

The Art Education Program accommodates students over the age of 5. This program also holds separate classes for mature students when resources are available. Annually, 45–60 students benefit from intensive art instruction as well as an end of semester exhibition and performances.

Mentorship Program

This program provides one-on-one artist mentorship to empower, mentor, and orient newcomer artists to encourage them to continue practicing their craft in Canada. The Mentorship Program aims to successfully bridge newcomer artists to the artistic economy in Hamilton to ensure that they can benefit financially from their artistic talents.

The Artist Mentorship Program has professionally mentored over 220 immigrant and low income artists in areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • Exhibiting
  • Creating an artistic portfolio
  • Purchasing supplies

Hamilton Art Market

This program began in 2007 and continues to revitalize Hamilton’s downtown core on an annual basis. The Hamilton Art Market has brought together more than 200 artists to perform, exhibit, network and market their artistic products.
The Hamilton Art Market has traditionally been an 11 week art market displaying paintings, sculptures, crafts, glass work, and more at the Hamilton International Village and Bayfront Park.

Project Based Initiatives

The ICAA also applies for funding opportunities to implement project based initiatives. These initiatives include short term collaborative projects which engage community partners, immigrant and low income artists and others to:

  • showcase the culture and heritage of immigrant artists through projects such as the ‘Asian Musical Instruments’ exhibit and recitals
  • engage newcomer youth and introduce them to careers in media, design and both performing and visual arts such as the ‘Youth Opportunities Program’
  • engage immigrant artists and newcomer youth artists to learn about environmental degradation and using art as a medium for raising awareness about pollution such as the ‘TD-Friends of the Environment Project’